Innovation for Next-Generation Products is Critical

Breakthrough Innovations

Are you a company that is:

  • Re-designing and adjusting the way you manufacture your vehicles to reduce emissions?
  • Competing intensely for share in a commoditized transportation equipment market?
  • Concerned about the quality, reliability, cost or risk of offshore sources?
  • Considering alternative materials to ensure your equipment can withstand greater heat and moisture?
  • Developing miniature parts for your on- or off-road vehicles?
  • Seeking to reduce the weight of your machinery?

Part for vehicle which demonstrates complex parts and assembliesAt HARBEC, we understand that market dynamics are changing rapidly and that your R&D and commercialization departments need to respond strategically. We also know that aggressive goals and major innovations frequently look “impossible” at project outset.

As manufacturers struggle with escalating costs (from raw materials to direct labor to capital assets), they are increasingly outsourcing their parts and assemblies.

HARBEC will work with you to design and/or produce best-in-class parts for a broad range of applications from lawn and garden equipment, motorcycles, off-road vehicles (e.g., personal watercraft, snowmobiles, ATV’s), construction and farm machinery, motor vehicles and heavy and light trucks.

We can handle all of your parts and assemblies: components for fuel-pump systems, instrument panels, center consoles, sensors, frames, wheels, forks, door latches, wiper and window motors and more—we will work with to you to provide innovative parts and get your product to market quickly.

Our in-house design and project management teams will bring insights into the product development process; offer solutions to increase innovation, commercial viability and speed-to-market; and widen the gap between your competitive offerings and those of rival firms.