Innovation, Safety and Speed-to-Market are Critical

Breakthrough Innovations

Are you a company that is:

  • Competing intensely for share in a commoditized and highly undifferentiated telecommunications market?
  • Concerned about the quality and reliability of parts and assemblies produced offshore?
  • Considering alternative materials to ensure your cell phones meet safety standards and users can withstand prolonged thermal exposure?
  • Developing miniature parts and embedding greater capabilities in your portable or handheld devices?
  • Re-designing your mobile platforms to increase security and protect electronic transactions while attempting to maintain their compact and lightweight qualities?

Complex modem showing HARBEC as innovative producers of highly featured parts with tight tolerances and aggressive lead times. At HARBEC, we understand that market dynamics are changing rapidly and that your R&D and commercialization departments need to respond strategically. We also know that aggressive goals and major innovations frequently look “impossible” at project outset.

HARBEC will work with you to design and/or produce best-in-class parts for a broad range of applications from personal communication devices to servers, base stations, and communications switching equipment.

We can handle all of your parts and assemblies: from custom shapes and die-cut gaskets to one piece shielded housings, environmental sealing and more—we will work with to you to provide innovative parts and get your product to market quickly.

Our in-house design and project management teams will bring insights into the product development process; offer solutions to increase innovation, commercial viability and speed-to-market; and widen the gap between your competitive offerings and those of rival firms.