We Challenge You to Challenge Us!

HARBEC is the perfect choice for any company where a) manufacturing to rigid specifications and b) information control are of the utmost importance. We keep all of our records under tight security, can easily provide restricted access to select areas of our facility, and we’re more than prepared to answer tough questions about our quality systems and manufacturing procedures.

At HARBEC, we understand that state-of-the-art processes and attention to detail are requirements to do business with you. We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001SEP Platinum certified and we take these certifications seriously. We understand FDA GMP requirements and can ensure compliance.

We are ITAR-certified and knowledgeable in military standards and specifications (MIL specs). In addition, HARBEC is clean room capable. With machines that are 100% electric, the hardest part is done.

 The best way to control the quality, performance, price, and longevity of precision parts and components is to integrate all capabilities for part manufacturing under one roof. For nearly 40 years HARBEC has been helping customers achieve manufacturing solutions with superior:

  • performance
  • quality
  • speed
  • innovation

 We have the ability to work with many different resins including the unique, high-temperature, and highly filled materials that are required for numerous applications. And no part is too small. We have never encountered a small part that was unmoldable. We have a new micromolding machine that is fully nano-capable.

HARBEC also offers Quick Manufacturing Solutions – our proprietary method of supplying customers with high quality, short- to medium-run plastic parts of any material, and any design, in a reduced time frame. At HARBEC, we have a strong desire and willingness to work with innovative tools, technology, processes, materials, etc. We can explore, on your behalf, optimal solutions for lighter, stronger, miniaturized, complex, intricate and mission-critical components.

From rapid prototypes to custom molds, machined components, and injection molded parts, HARBEC delivers comprehensive services and a full range of capabilities to support all phases of the product life-cycle: design, engineering, development, and manufacturing. We welcome you to challenge us with your manufacturing requirements.