Clean Air, Quiet Facility

HARBEC has made long-standing commitments to our employees and the environment: two passions that go hand-in-hand. Accordingly, we have eliminated many of the negative impacts in a traditional injection molding environment.

Optimal air quality

Traditional molders typically minimize air exchange in order to keep thermal energy contained. HARBEC modified every machine in our facility by installing vacuums to vent air outside and increase the air exchange.

Minimal noise

Unlike other molders, HARBEC does not employ hydraulic pumps on our presses. We are electric: quiet all the way. Ear protectors are obsolete at most HARBEC work stations.

Air conditioning

At HARBEC, we understand that employee comfort is paramount not only to increase productivity but also to keep our employees happy! We strive to maintain an ideal workplace temperature which includes air conditioning our entire facility during hot weather—all of which is made possible by our state-of-the-art cooling, heating and power (CHP) system.