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HARBEC is an ISO 13485 certified, high-value partner to the Medical market. It is one of the fastest growing market segments we serve. This growth is attributed to the breadth of services we provide and the investments we continue to make in new processes, technologies, equipment, and people. We are very proud and excited to announce that we are now . This will positively impact all of our customers by expanding our commitment to company-wide improvement and quality.

Our Values and Commitment:


Our Experience:

  • Spinal Implants
  • Brain surgery technology
  • Surgical robots
  • MRI and Imaging components
  • IV Components
  • Vials & Barrels
  • Specimen collection and analysis
  • Medication disbursement
  • Blood pressure cuffs and hose assembly
  • Robotic Surgical arm
  • Reagent Closures
  • Dialysis Components
  • Surgical head lamps
  • Scientific and medical testing

Transonic Systems part showing at HARBEC, we understand that, in order to remain competitive in the health care market, you must keep up with rapidly changing technological and scientific advances.

Our Services:

  • ISO Class 8 (FED 100,000) Cleanroom
  • 3-D printed and machined prototype development through finished product manufacturing
  • Multicavitational molding
  • Insert manufacturing and over-molding
  • Design for manufacturability and concept validation
  • Supply chain management
  • Testing and validation
            –DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ
  • Specialized deburring (including micro)
  • Extensive quality staff and facility
  • Environmental control and enhanced water system ensure better results
  • Specialized part cleaning
  • Secondary services (gate trimming, CNC-machining (e.g., drilling, reaming, surfacing), annealing, and water treating)
  • Assembly (manual assembly, ultra-sonic and heat welding, heat staking, bonding, taping, labeling)
  • Decorating (hot stamping and pad-printing)
  • Logistics support (packaging, kitting, inventory management, distribution and fulfillment)

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