Today’s products are designed and manufactured across multiple geographies using virtual project teams. Your teams need tools that provide rapid, unambiguous methods to collaborate around documents and 3D solid models.gotomeeting_logo

In the past this meant faxes, email, travel, ftp, and other iterative tools and processes.

When you work with HARBEC, everyone in the project team connects with each other using Go To Meeting, the industry’s standard for richly interactive, real-time Web meetings. They can load, review, inspect, and even modify 3D solid models alone or together with other team members in a real-time meeting. Documents and drawings can be loaded and viewed at the same time too.

Benefits of Real-Time Collaboration include:
  • Proposed design changes can be evaluated during a meeting by actually making 3D modifications right there. Even 3D VRML data from mold and stress analysis applications can be viewed.
  • Real-time meetings are just like face-to-face meetings but hosted over the internet.
  • Online Real-Time Collaboration offers our customers the opportunity to improve many of their engineering design processes.