Simplify your supply chain with HARBEC’s value-added services

The HARBEC solution does not end with the production of a high-quality plastic or metal parts – we offer value-added services that meet the requirements of our diverse customer base.  These services are delivered using the same quality assurance, cost control and production planning systems used by our core operations, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

  • Secondary OperationsReadClose

    HARBEC has the secondary operations needed to meet appearance specifications, performance requirements and dimensional tolerances not possible in plastic parts coming directly from an injection-molding press. These in-house capabilities include gate trimming, CNC-machining (e.g., drilling, reaming, surfacing), annealing, and water treating.

  • AssemblyReadClose

    From the joining of two simple parts to the production of complex electro-mechanical devices, HARBEC has the tools, processes and experience to deliver high-quality assemblies across a wide range of applications.  To minimize costs we utilize our tool-making expertise to design and build fixtures.  For assemblies requiring plastic and metal parts we are frequently able to produce all needed components.  Our assembly processes include:

    • Manual assembly
    • Ultra-sonic and heat welding
    • Heat staking
    • Bonding
    • Taping
    • Labeling
  • DecoratingReadClose

    When a tight-tolerance part in its natural plastic or metal finish is not enough, HARBEC has the decorating capabilities needed to deliver the required cosmetic appearance or surface performance.  From the visual demands of consumer sporting goods to the electro-chemical demands of industrial products we have the in-house resources (hot stamping and pad-printing) and subcontractor relationships (painting and plating) to get the job done.

  • LogisticsReadClose

    While HARBEC regularly builds and ships parts and assemblies to order, we also provide the following logistics services:

    • Reusable Packaging:  package design; shipment-return loop management
    • Kitting:  component manufacture and ordering; warehousing; production and shipment on demand.
    • Inventory Management:  build to stock; multiple ship-to demand aggregation; shipping release management.
    • Distribution & Fulfillment:  production planning; inventory management; order fulfillment; drop-shipping.