Speed and Complexity Can Coexist

QMS is the proprietary HARBEC method of supplying customers with high quality, short- to medium-run plastic parts of any material, and any design, in a reduced time frame. QMS offers our customers the ability to produce cost effective, low risk, rapid prototypes—ranging from simple to complex.

Distinct HARBEC QMS advantages:

  • Rapid delivery through standard processes. We can produce parts out of your intended production materials within several days. We have more than 40 in-house CNC milling machines at your disposal.
  • Significant cost savings in the initial stages of production. At a fraction of the cost of a production tool, you can realize enormous savings and eliminate the risk of incurring substantial costs for test market products that are never launched.
  • Quality first-run parts suitable for rigorous testing and production. Our CNC-machined aluminum molds produce the same geometry and dimensional accuracy as steel production tooling. With HARBEC, you can decrease variability, lower your risk and hit the ground running.
  • Less stressed parts and reduced cycle times. Utilize a conformal cooling channel that follows the exact contours of the mold cavity to provide faster cooling. By having the cooling channels uniformly located around the cavity, the risk of hot spots is virtually eliminated and cycle times are reduced.
  • Tool construction with or without tool design. Supply HARBEC with 3D CAD data, or work with our in-house team to develop a complex 3D product design—it’s your choice. Our software converts digital designs into tool paths without any complications.
  • Real people on hand to work with you. Reduce the risks involved with virtual prototyping! Take advantage of our team’s involvement in ensuring your success at no extra charge—before it’s too late.

We Wrote the Book on Rapid Injection Molding

HARBEC was one of the first rapid injection molding firms on the Internet. As a forerunner in this market, we began publishing our Guide for QMS Methods in 1995 in order to share our knowledge with the industry. We still receive numerous requests for it today.

HARBEC  has researched reduced time to market methods for many years and continues to do so to date. The experience and knowledge gained during these years of developing and testing new tooling methods for our own research ultimately evolved into QMS.

At HARBEC, we chose to use QMS to complement our broad offerings and make it easier for you to do business with us. From our experience we understand that there is not just one solution to every tooling situation. Each customer has specific goals that must be met and the solution must be able to address those objectives.

HARBEC is a full service plastic molder excelling in high quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. With the growth of QMS and virtual prototyping, we have kept that tradition alive while offering an expanded range of easy-to-use solutions to meet customer needs. Our customers can expect parts that are delivered on time with maximum value and consistent performance. We are not afraid of tackling the hard jobs and making parts that ordinary molders won’t touch. Technical ingenuity and thinking out of the box are the foundation for QMS.

For more information on QMS email us at qms@harbec.com