Ensure Your Success with Our Precision Tools and Long Run Production

We Don’t Shy Away From Difficult Precision Requirements We understand that highly featured, tightly toleranced parts, with aggressive lead times, require top quality tooling—from the first production run through the life of your product. Whether we’re building a mold for a one-off prototype or a multi-cavity, full frame production mold, exceptional tooling is at the heart of HARBEC’s injection molding operation. At HARBEC, our focus is injection molding, so we understand the importance of having tooling that is process-capable from the start.

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    A Flexible Approach to the Art and Science of Mold Making We begin mold making early on by working with you to determine the manufacturability of a design. We’ll also help establish performance criteria for the finished part. This upfront involvement in the injection mold design and analysis process helps to ensure product quality. We can generate detailed tooling designs, part prints and specifications from your prototype, or your 2D or 3D CAD files. Our master mold makers give you the best of both worlds: leading edge process and equipment in the hands of skilled and experienced craftsmen. Equipment and software support include 18 CAM stations, CNC digitizing and multi-axis CNC milling. We also offer a full range of CNC milling machinery, EDM and precision grinding capability, and coordinate measuring equipment for mold dimension and construction analysis. Our exacting mold design and precision construction abilities translate into a manufacturing system that produces component parts of outstanding quality. When you commission HARBEC to build your molds, you are assured of parts with consistent performance and maximum return on your tooling investment.
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    Highly featured, tightly toleranced parts produced to aggressive lead times require top quality tooling from a prototype run, through long run production. Whether HARBEC is building a mold for an individual prototype or a multi-cavity, full frame production mold, exceptional tooling is the heart of HARBEC’s injection molding operation. Your schedule will benefit from our innovative approach and state-of-the-art technology in mold making.
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    Aluminum alloys coupled with developments in CNC machining, offer numerous mold solutions to those looking for quick turnaround or low volume tooling solutions. Although HARBEC has been cutting aluminum for years, our refined process for mold making allows us to fabricate molds that provide good dimensional tolerance, reach the required life span, and meet necessary cosmetic requirements. When small quantity is desired, basic unit insert sets are manufactured. For more demanding requirements, hybrid molds can be made which combine aluminum, alloys, steel, and sintered components. Mechanical slides can be added to allow automatic molding. Mold bases and multiple cavity tools are often incorporated. Surface treatments can further enhance the operation of these tools. Because of our versatility, production quality parts are produced to meet our customers varying requirements.

Throughout the years, HARBEC has actively sought insert molding opportunities that other molders considered too high risk. We know we can do them. We’re results-oriented and pay attention to detail. As a result, HARBEC has achieved a reputation for ensuring our customers’ success. We stretch our thinking and capabilities to meet your needs. We’ll fine-tune a design and use exacting engineering methods to safeguard its success. We’ll determine what kind of windage needs to be put in a mold, examine wall thicknesses and make recommendations to ensure fill or sink problems are avoided, and predict areas where draft is required, etc. Your schedule and your budget will benefit from our innovative approach and state-of-the-art technology in mold making. With so many firms outsourcing their long-run production offshore, why do HARBEC customers keep coming back? Innovation, speed to market, and control all under one roof. Companies introducing proprietary new products with long cycle times cannot afford to make one mistake—especially when speed to market is critical. As a long-term partner of choice, we understand our customers’ needs, add significant value, and provide the necessary controls to ensure success. And HARBEC has an in-house mold room dedicated to our customers. Simply put: we’re here when you need us.