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aerospace, defense and security

Fairfield Nodal part demonstrating HARBEC tool designers and process engineers working closely with the customer’s engineering team to adapt the housing design to the realities of injection molding, creating the necessary mold designs, and specifying an engineered resin that met all performance specifications.

HARBEC is certified AS9100 so we can help you achieve more control, higher efficiency, and superior performance. The aerospace, defense and security industries are at the cutting-edge of technology, enabling breakthroughs in the design, manufacturing, and assembly of state-of-the-art space and military systems.

Fuel efficiency has become a significant focus for the aerospace and defense sectors.  Industry is innovating lighter, stronger, and more durable structures that also enable better control. Structural weight concerns are being improved through composite technology. Control is achieved through sensor devices and they are challenged in their application by turbine engine temperatures.  One way to offset that issue is better cooling which allows components to withstand high temperatures which will also allow for better control.  Tighter tolerances and strict controls will lead to efficiency gains and ultimately better fuel economy. The aerospace and defense industry is also using 3D printing to reduce cost in component builds with multiple process steps, like welding for instance. Faster, stronger with more control is where the military aerospace market is going. 

Our Values and Commitment:


Our Experience:

  • Military devices and vehicles
  • Space components and equipment
  • Submarines
  • Wind tunnel
  • Satellite
  • Battery housings
  • Robotic components
  • Measurement devices
  • Valve housings and covers
  • Heat sinks

Our Services:

  • 3-D printed and machined prototype development through finished product manufacturing
  • Multicavitational molding
  • Insert manufacturing and over-molding
  • Design for manufacturability and concept validation
  • Supply chain management
  • Testing and validation
  • Specialized deburring (including micro)
  • Extensive quality staff and facility
  • Environmental control and enhanced water system ensure better results
  • Specialized part cleaning
  • Secondary services (gate trimming, CNC-machining (e.g., drilling, reaming, surfacing), annealing, and water treating)
  • Assembly (manual assembly, ultra-sonic and heat welding, heat staking, bonding, taping, labeling)
  • Logistics support (packaging, kitting, inventory management, distribution and fulfillment)